ZDS4000 Series Oscilloscope

ZDS2000 Series Oscilloscope

Product Events

ZHIYUAN Electronics developed a virtual oscilloscope to accumulate relevant technology.
ZHIYUAN Electronics cooperated with colleges and universities to start preliminary research on the oscilloscope.
ZHIYUAN Electronics participated in formulating the national standard of the digital oscilloscope.
ZHIYUAN Electronics developed the first desktop to accumulate and sum up relevant experience for starting research on a second model.
The second oscilloscope came to the market in small quantities as a trial production. Since it was not a competitive product according to the strict standards of ZHIYUAN Electronics, the market opportunity was set aside in order to begin research on a third model. That same year, ZHIYUAN Electronics started on its proposal for preliminary research of the 1GHz amplifier and 5GS/s ADC.
ZHIYUAN Electronics developed a third oscilloscope. However, its release was postponed to improve user experience. ZHIYUAN Electronics is a late bloomer for pursuing competitive products and good quality.
The ZDS2022 oscilloscope went on sale, which was the pinnacle of perfection.
The oscilloscope with 250M memory depth is launched, truly defining the 200M oscilloscope yet again.
ZDS4000 series oscilloscopes came to market to create a new era of data mining and analysis!