"If the nut of the mystery can't be held, at least let me touch the shell." Rumi

A brilliant verse, a beautiful painting, a marvelous view of a waterfall, a divine music, a child playing, a face of a happy man, a good work, an intelligent idea... They all are a daily inspiration to us.

A storm, a lightning, an earthquake, a tornado, a flood, a comet crashing at the moon, an eclipse, they inspire us too. Anything that lifts our spirit from the desert of the soul is inspiration. All that breaks through the armor of the programmed robot may inspire. Inspiration is like a ray of light that finds the way through the curtains of our rational living room. The very fact that we are able to inspire ourselves with so many different things proves that our nature has no limits, except for those we make ourselves. Inspiration is like a cocktail of nectar and ambrosia in the tavern of life.

Can inspiration be inspired? Try Funkazoo before you answer.

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