There are many different games and toys that we can consider as mind toys. Famous Rubik's cube, Scrabble, I Ching, Tarot, Chess, Mikado, naughts and crosses, puzzles, Four in a line, for example. These and many other mind toys amuse our brains in a special way. They can pull our attention out of our usual daily stream of consciousness. They can switch off our internal 'automatic pilot' for a while. This 'automatic pilot' is run by the old habits, daily routines and activities that we do without our full awareness.

A mind toy can relax mental tensions and nervousness. It can wake up the 'sleeping parts' of our brains. Whenever we try to solve a riddle, understand an oxymoron of any kind or simply play with a mind toy, we give our brains a chance to step off the main mental roads and use the sideways. The more mental sideways we discover or develop, the more we increase our intelligence.

Eventually we come closer to an understanding, that any problem can in fact be solved in many different ways. When using a mind toy Funkazoo, for example, we get a hint that we can accept or ignore. When the hint is in accordance with our presumptions and desires we are happy and stimulated for the action. When the hint is not favorable to our presumptions and desires we also get stimuli, but this time for another kind of action. In this case we are stimulated for inventing the sideways. Both ways, a hint can help us search the paths that can lead us to the fulfillment of our desires.

funkazoo towers