Oracle simply means prophecy or a place where it can be obtained. Ever since our civilization remembers itself, we are witnessing human endeavor for unveiling what is hidden to our sight and reason. In ancient Egypt, India and Greece oracles were considered holy places. People who visited particular temples or spots that were known for their oracular abilities believed that gods would speak to them there. Many evidences in literature and arts confirm that.

Later, when the old gods were abandoned, the so called seers replaced the function of the oracles. The seers became known for their ability to predict or divine.

In the past, people went for advice to tribal priest or guru, who had the ability to interpret what was hidden. The first diviners made their prophecies using natural phenomena. They made divinations by observing the flight of the birds, by watching the clouds on the sky, by forms of fire and smoke, sea shells, turtles, human and animal bones and other natural things. Others developed the ability to interpret hidden messages from dreams, like American Indians and Egyptian high priests. Parallel to that people started to symbolize the universe and life around them into figurative and abstract forms. This symbolization reflected a part of the world or the world as a whole. In oracles we usually witness the whole of creation in everlasting change.

Why can any oracle answer any question we ask? It is because any useful oracle is formed as a symbolic whole of universe. In I Ching, all and everything in universe is compressed into 64 hexagrams. In Tarot, all and everything in universe is compressed into 78 motives on the cards. In Funkazoo, all and everything in universe is compressed into 3 balls.

I Ching and Tarot are two of the most popular oracles or divinatory systems in the world today. They are both very old. The I Ching is very abstract and philosophical, using full and broken lines to compose higher forms. The Tarot is very picturesque, using elemental, zodiacal and planetary attributions with the motives of the cards. Many excellent books have been written on both of them, so there is no need for describing them here in detail. The user needs to invest a lot of time and dedication to study them. They are both very complex divinatory systems.

Also the Runes were used for divinatory purposes with great success for a long time among people from the northern parts of Europe. Observing many different divinatory systems from a distance, we can see that all oracles have one thing in common: THEY CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTION YOU ASK, BUT YOU WILL RECEIVE THE ANSWER IN A VERY SYMBOLIC FORM. IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND THE ANSWER, YOU'LL HAVE TO TRANSLATE IT BACK TO THE ORDINARY LANGUAGE OF YOUR ACTUAL UNDERSTANDING. To conclude, no matter which divinatory system you use, praxis makes a difference. It can be complex as the Tarot or the I Ching or fundamentally simple as the Funkazoo.

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